• imaginedemon 23w

    In the garth of night sky
    billions of celestial poets cavorting by
    to woo the florets and weave solar beehive;

    Homeless comet of my vagabond emotion,
    shedding rust of disloyal past existence
    garnered feathers of achromatic dreams
    clapped wings of rhymes to see the unseen
    propose poesy on knees to my hyperborean empyrean,
    paints the slate with ballet of tail cerulean;

    Gravity of her fragrance
    stretching over page of space-time
    colonizing fragments of my words
    coalesces against push of dark wrinkled lines;

    Lost my name yet remains of I exists
    somewhere in the hive,
    thee can still find me constantly in her poem
    abode of this vagabond, the northern star she is.