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    Is the tradition of celebrating festivals just for having break from our daily routine ? Yeah, we get holidays, a lot places to go nearby, cause not every person can afford to go good fantasia parks or restaurents. I think these festivals bring prosperity not because they are celebrated but because of the business behind that. You see, we organize pandals which gives many labours work. We celebrate diwali that strengthen the poor potters. Holi makes gulaal makers worth. Not just that their are also other criterias. Our ancients had so much wit I guess, they had views what was going to change in the society and made some rules we call tradition. Sometimes I feel like they were damn right. Not everywhere.

    Festivals are loosing their meaning. Festivals should be mark that no one is sad. You can travel all night or stay at home it's upto you. But I know ,I won't be happy anywhere untill I am happy with self. So when do you feel happy? I guess when someone is happy cause of me, that makes me happy. What about you?

    I was travelling this Navratri with two different groups to all pandals in my city.
    One group had bikes. We went very far,as far as main pandals were located in city. Second group had not much, just their feet to travel, so we could not go much farther. In first group they were trying to make some adult jokes,which I wasn't good at all and also I felt like owners of the bikes were a little bit in tension, I went with them in a good restaurant so that I could see how rich people do like, as they said. I was feeling like a bird to travel this far. They were not so rich but making progress and enjoying this good life. Second group were totally free. They were creating moments, teasing each other, singing in alleys, having prasad available on pandals. They were actually enjoying every moment.

    It's upto you which side you choose to be. Luxurious or laborious. Celebrating happiness or living pretendness.