• _avika 9w

    Our Time

    U came into my life,
    Like a devil, stuck by my side.
    U did all your tricks,
    To had your way with me.
    But I resisted.

    I tried hard,
    But always got pulled towards you.
    I guess there was something ,
    That connected me to you.

    My dreams,
    Yes, I saw you in my dreams,
    That smile,
    Those pretty eyes.
    I wondered was that you?

    Days went,
    And I spent more time with you,
    The time, I can never forget,
    That brought us close to each other's heart.
    And yes, I fell for you,
    Pretty hard.

    But our time came with an expiry date,
    And i knew I have to make most of it.
    So I promised i'll stay,
    Stay by your side,
    Till the very last.

    And soon the day came,
    The day to let go,
    To bid farewell.
    With pain and sadness,
    I said goodbye
    And cried.
    With those tears, I made another promise,
    To keep you forever, in my heart.

    And you know what,
    You still come to my dreams,
    And I get a glimpse of,
    That smile,
    Those pretty eyes...
    And I still wonder, is that you?