• martin_d_angelus 31w

    And, so...and the Blues

    So, we're different, and.
    We don't have the same preferences, so.
    I dislike this, you dislike that.
    We're different, but equals, that's that.

    We're brothers from different mothers.
    We're sisters from different fathers.
    We look different, we're shaped different.
    Matter of fact, our DNA structure is different.

    We're equal in rights, and equal in life.
    We're equal in ownership of our minds.
    We're equal in fighting against crimes.
    I don't fight my equals, I fight for more time.

    I fight against injustice, and racism,
    Agaisnt poverty, and ethnocentrism,
    Against child abuse, and sexism.
    I fight for human rights, and against terrorism.

    We are different, that's true.
    We are equals, that's true.
    We are brothers and sisters,
    So, let's sing the blues.

    And, so...and the Blues [2018]