• cherilnclarke 6w


    Where do you go when your body doesn’t feel like home?
    When you hate it so much you threaten to mutilate it
    Because no matter what you do
    You feel stuck at a plateau
    When will you tire of being a failed reflection of everyone else’s desires?
    And stop forcing yourself into never-ending cycles
    Of chasing this fad and that fad diet
    Cremate the projections of perfection you failed miserably, for years, to manifest
    Do you even know that you should? That you
    That you abandon the guilt and shame built up over time
    Over your blemishes
    Over your scars
    Your stretch or pockmarks
    Your too-dark or too-pale skin
    Your too-thick or not full enough lips
    Your won’t-grow-all-the-way-in-beard
    When will you burn it all down—your unhealthy obsessions and needless worries over perfection?
    Free yourself and rebuild your self-confidence from within
    Honor your physical dwelling
    Relinquish the need for outward validation
    Be healthy, yes, but be careful not to let #bodygoals make you .