• bhavipanchal 31w


    When I started writing about you
    I was unable to find words that would correlate to what I feel about u ,
    What importance u hold in my life ,
    I don't often say these to u Ma ,
    But let me tell u ,
    U r d most important person in my life ,
    Besides everything I love u d most ,
    I know sometimes I hurt u ,
    But u never get angry , I often do mistakes that make u sad ,
    But instead of getting upset or angry u just hold me ,
    N say don't worry everything will be fine ,
    When everything is wrong u make it right ,
    When everything seems like a hell u r a light of heaven ,
    When I feel low u r d spark that raise my confidence to d top n make me feel like
    I am d one n only one ..

    Thank u Mom for bringing me in these world ..!!
    Love u ..all d days r yours but today special day "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY "❤