• starmike 5w

    FIRE & ICE

    With A black gown, a red lipstick which tasted like strawberry,and a black high heel,
    She walked into the room, with memories of the night before, when Ife had tried to tell her he loved her but he choked on words and ran off, dumb boy, he was lucky she loved him,she was going to find that crazy bastard and tell him how much she loved him if he couldn't do it himself, she knew he was too cold for her , but it really didn't matter, after all he could be the ice to her Fire...

    He dressed in a white suit with silvery patterns of roses, a white shoe and a blue tie,
    He walked into the room, he seemed to be scanning for something or someone , he was not so sure which,
    maybe he wasn't so unsure but he was scared to admit this new truth, that he loved Mary?
    But he had been friends with her since when they were eight, so why this feeling now of all times, when they we about separating?
    " I have to see her again., I have to tell her!" he kept saying while he walked around,he knew she was too wild for him but it didn't matter, after all she could be the Fire to his ice.