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    It was long long time ago...

    [हां बहुत बहुत पुराने समय की बात है
    बात है बाबा आदम के ज़माने की...]

    (अरे... कहां जा रही हो)

    [Oh sorry..�� क्या है ना history में बह गयी..��]

    Haan..�� so it is the story of 2013...like 1,2,3...Haan 7 years ago..

    At that time I was of �� .......let it be..����

    {My mom's soul: क्या रेहने दो, जोड़ना नहीं आता है क्या

    हम कह रहे थे की इसका नाम private school में मत लिखवाइए,
    यही आंगनबाड़ी में लिखवा दीजिए।..�� }

    (Ok at that time I was of..1,2,3..��)

    { ‌Mom's soul: इतना धीमें...��}

    (Ok fine i was of 11 years.....these thoughts of my mom always haunt me..����)

    {Mom's soul: क्या बोली..��}

    So without any further delay let's continue..��
    As it was the time of summer vacations....

    My one the cousin was going to Allahabad with his friends..and there my aunt used to live..
    So mom asked us to go with him and we said yes..
    "Something is better than nothing..��"

    Next morning...
    We went for the station...
    There we met with my cousin's friends...
    They were 2 in numbers..and to be honest I don't remember anyone's name..����

    We all were with our luggage, and my cousin brother said me and my younger brother to wait there with the bags...
    And he gave us his mobile and said us to dial on the number
    #Gram_singh..(.it was one of his friend's number) whenever it is needed..

    Outer me: Ok..��
    Inner me: ����

    And he went to collect the ticket for all of us..
    And they all three went...��

    (हां हम दो छोटे छोटे बच्चों को अकेला छोड़कर..�� वो भी समान के साथ....खो जाते तो..����)

    So me and my brother were with our luggage..

    Me: Why he saved his number with the name #gram_singh...��

    My younger brother: May be because he weighs in grams..����

    Me: कुछ भी..��

    After sometime he came with the tickets..��

    Train came....
    I don't know what was on that day but the train was fully loaded...
    There was no place to sit..��
    Somehow one of the aunt asked us to sit there with her.. (me and my brother)
    And there was only one seat in front of us to sit and my brother was having two friends..��

    So they decided to sit one by one..
    And rest of the journey they did by standing on the gate..��

    (Poor people..��)

    (Still if you are having friends then you can manage anywhere..��)

    So we were sitting there and beside me that aunt was sitting and beside my brother an elder girl was sitting..

    She ( elderly girl) was sitting at the window side..
    And she was talking peacefully with the aunt..I thought that she was with her..

    After sometime aunt opened her tiffin box and asked from her family members..
    She was with her son and husband..

    Then she asked from me and my brother I hesitatingly said no..��
    She said don't hesitate take it..

    As she was stranger...
    And i am shy too..so I didn't wanted to talk much..

    Then my cousin brother said to his third friend that "we both have already sat...now it's your turn go and sit there"
    जा जाके बैठ जा। खड़े खड़े तेरे पैर नहीं दर्द हो रहे..��

    And he refused and continued to stand there..��

    Then the aunt tried to talk more with me..
    She asked what's your name..��
    And hesitatingly I told my name..

    Then I talked with that elderly girl...
    And asked her name..
    She said Monika Oberoi..
    And I was like Oberoi..��
    So she said haan..it's Christian sirname..

    (Actually I don't remember if actually that was the sirname..��)

    As by listening that she was Christian I wanted to ask more questions from her..

    Yep..�� related to Christmas..��☃️

    I took every single knowledge of Christmas from her.

    Then again that aunt tried to talk with me this time I became a bit comfortable with her..

    She asked me do you know how kalpana Chawla died
    And I said yes one of my teacher told me..
    "Because she reached towards the sun"

    Then she told me the real reason and said
    हां हमने discovery पर देखा था..��

    (It was new information for me... And I continued knowing things from her)

    Then she asked where are you going and you are not with your parents..

    And as I become familiar with anyone I become chatter box..����
    I tell those things which I shouldn't say..��

    And I told her...
    हां...हम अपने भइया के साथ आए हैं।
    मम्मी पापा तो आ ही नहीं रहे थें..��
    अब आप बताइए गर्मी की छुट्टियां चल रही है, घर में रह के बोर नहीं हो जाते क्या����

    {Mom's soul: जहां जाती हो पंचायत शुरू कर देती हो..����‍♀️}

    And she was laughing by listening my silly talks..����
    (Ofcourse she will..��)

    My cousin was smiling seeing me and my brother talking with her..��....as we haven't disturbed or complaint him for anything..��)

    Then in the middle my cousin brother and his second friend again insisted their third friend to sit and again he refused..

    Then my cousin brother said: एक बात बता..�� तू बैठ कहे नही रहा है, घर से कसम वसम खा के आया है क्या��

    And he was like:����

    (And still he didn't sat..����)

    And now it's time to leave we all reached to our destination...
    And I asked a lame question with that aunt..
    Because I thought it's the last time and I have to ask..
    I gathered some guts because I know it was lame question..��
    I asked what is your name aunty..����

    And she was like:
    ये बात तुम अब पूछ रही हो..��

    Then she said *Razia Khan*...

    And I did bye to her and we all went to our way..

    ��This was the best journey I have ever did, as she was totally stranger still she made my day...

    Still it's not finished later on I concluded that there were three kinds of group of religion in that compartment or that particular seat..

    "Hindu" "Muslim" and "Christian"....
    And I found no difference in them they all were talking respectfully and smoothly..��
    They all shared their part of interests..

    ⭐This shows that still our India is secular not by constitution only but by heart also..
    Not everyone wants riots and chauvinism...��❤️

    #A_stranger......full of friendly nature..

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