• nitish_neogi 10w


    Life was going well
    Never knew I was stepping into hell .
    For which I was never prepared
    People forced me ,but I had no one who cared.
    Life has changed drastically
    Just 'Cause I chose a wrong company.
    Family pressure , study pressure , peer pressure
    Sorry but I could not take it anymore,
    Soon as friends knew my pressure
    Introduced me to a toxic drug
    And called it as there treasure .
    Which at first was the mode of happiness
    Later there was no limit for its craziness.
    Which I thought would keep me happy,
    Would give me fun and would be my partner in joy.
    But instead became the reason for my bloody nightmare.
    Later I got dependent on the stuff
    Gradually I started to cough
    People who loved me once
    Now when they see me starts to laugh.