• stuffman 9w

    The elements of Nature has both the good and the bad sides. The stars shine in the night and beautifies it. Sometimes I wonder why it doesn't shine in the morning to make all day beautiful. It keeps me bothered and anxious.
    As for the moon, it glows just once in sometimes three weeks, As beautiful as the sight may be. I am tired of seeing it just once in three weeks. If I took it as drug to survive. I could have long been dead.
    As for the sun, it shines so well. It makes all things visible. But still, it hurts my skin. Making it miserable during the day. What more?
    After much toiling and loitering, I found an element which neither hurts nor makes me miserable. Shines brighter than all three elements of light and Nature.
    All day long, it shines, Light to all. A source of vision to all. When the light is turned on, it brings happiness to the world.
    Such Happiness I found in thee.
    Truly you are more than an element of nature. But Nature in its physical self.
    You bring joy, peace, happiness, laughter and all one can think of. But totally without pains and regrets.