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    Title- Mine albedineity is fading/To write anymore or not, that I'm debating

    Word meanings-
    albedineity- whiteness
    Jehovah, Yahweh- one of many names for God to Christian's and Jews .
    Great I AM- name for God meaning he always was, is, and will be God. ....
    Mine- my
    Thou- you
    Hath- have
    Mewl- whimpering cry
    Dost- does
    Couldst- could
    Thy- your
    fabrefaction- piece of art in simple terms
    Eyne- eyes
    gnathonizes- flatters
    Seest- see
    Countenance- face and it's features

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    O' God, Jehovah, Yahweh, the great "I AM",
    the albedineity of mine glow is burning low,
    mine Lord, mine creator, any solace here
    that I don't know. This vessel thou hath
    made from the soot and ash of the soil,
    Lord it's so wearied, eve after eve mine
    hearts beating down dying slowly in
    toil. I mewl and moan, none dost dare
    to care, for the kind here thou hath made
    seems like creatures afraid of me; just
    because i'm different than them, just
    because I preach love, that it's not
    pretend, because I forgive yet they
    hate family and friends. Daily I try
    mine God, if thou couldst just take
    me in the grace and by thy love. Lord,
    why am I still here? I anymore do not
    understand, to be a fabrefaction in
    others eyne? Lord, anymore why do
    I even release mine innards when
    no one wants to intertwine in
    mine light. God almighty, im
    ready to jump, please reach
    back Lord, when noone else
    dost. Lord mine God, here
    everyone only gnathonizes,
    I seek one who wants to seest
    mine countenance, they only
    want texting talk. Lord I seek
    love letters, Lord im still
    hoping for better, I want
    to put down these fingers,
    Lord because I already know
    here in this world it won't
    get any better. Lord, i
    don't want to write
    anymore, Lord, i
    need thee.

    © Brandon nagley
    © Lonesome poets poetry