• kapil_goyal 14w


    Dear dad you always fulfill my every wish,
    Whether it's in our budget or out of our reach.
    I never saw someone with a golden heart like yours❤️❤️,
    To make our dream comes true you sacrifice yours.
    We never shared our feelings with each other☹️☹️,
    I'll not let you bear any burden further.
    Daddy you were hiding your pain all the time,
    To ensure us you are okay you keep always smile.
    Just Wait for sometime then you don't need to work anymore,
    I promise one day you'll go for a world tour✈️✈️.
    You and Mom are the best couple that are made for each other yet,
    I promise that I'll never let your eyes wet.
    I Can't describe you with these few words,
    I love you my daddy you are my whole world...
    Happy Father's day...