• saya__ 9w

    When death knocks at the door of my life,
    I'll first be ready with love.
    Before opening the door to afterlife,
    I'll weep along the lips with a curve.

    After I open the door,
    Gracefully, I'll step out,
    To the life waiting ashore.
    I won't longer need to shout.

    I'll leave behind my accessories,
    My beloved and my miseries.
    The words which will shine
    And people will remember them fine.

    They'll forget me in a few years,
    I'll no longer be the reason of their tears.
    But there will be my thoughts,
    Smiles from their lips, they'll wrought.

    The memories pleasant or sour,
    I made everyone laugh and roar.
    Hoping they'll remember me after that,
    I bade goodbye and took the caveat.

    I wondered how will they manage,
    Without me in their lives.
    Then I saw them from the vantage,
    Cheerful happy faces, my name still thrives.

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    Prompt by- @carolyns_challenges and @writerabay

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