• little_birdie 5w

    Is love enough?

    It was not love at first sight
    But being together did felt right.
    She wanted this to be forever
    Felt it, happiness, warmth and life
    But did he want the same ever?
    His life was long snatched by this ailment
    He loved her too but was love enough!
    He needed his freedom,
    Freedom that would mean his life.
    He asked her help for one last time
    To be able to live in her memories
    To be able to love her in peace
    To be able to be her strength.

    Its been a while,he's gone
    Teaching her to live bold and strong.
    He said he'll love her forever
    Keeping the smile helped bury her pain
    But her heart ached out always,
    Asking is love enough?