• deep_vyawhare 10w

    Three knots of life

    Life is fast, and the world so vast
    Those stuck in the past
    Time will make you forget at last
    As your future is what you cast
    Let the past remain buried deep inside
    Don't shit the mind making it your past's presentation slide
    As the seed of past buried deep within you
    Should remain buried to know how it will brew
    Dig out the buried and you're trapped
    Trapped in never-ending memories that your present is just kidnapped
    Who knows whether the past was a boon or a curse
    But this present is the only thing you had in your life's purse
    How you spend it is your continuous investment
    So the investment in the past is your life's current moment!!!!
    The three knots of life, past, present, and future
    Entangled with each other making our life a mixture
    But you hold one, not the past or future
    And it untangles you from everything making you a creature in sync with nature