• quin_pretty 5w

    On her eighteenth birthday, everything was beautiful. It was the best celebration she didn't expect to have. Honestly, it was beyond beautiful. At the end, she was given a bow and an arrow. The man that gave it to her said, "It might not be as great as all the other gifts given to you, but it is the last one of its kind. The moment you fire this arrow, it will kill whoever is destined to kill you and take away your immortality."

    She smiled. She loved it. She held the bow in my hand and careful tired the arrow so it wouldn't hurt anyone else except the evil person. The man bowed and left. Being royalty felt good to her.

    Years passed and she never knew what happened to the arrow, but it didn't matter. She was in love, and finally getting married. Just at the wedding as her husband-to l-be said the words, "yes, I do" the arrow came and struck him right in the heart to which he died leaving the Princess baffled.