• shivangi_khajuria 5w

    In a rush, in the crowd, in the traffic full of lights
    In chaos, in silence, in all these empty nights,
    I have him in my closed eyes.

    Making me fall in love with the stars and sky,
    Depths and heights.
    Discovering Movies, cinema, romance and drama,
    while wandering between the city lights.

    He's as pure as dry woods,
    His voice strikes like soothing humming of the steel.
    His touch falls like the drop of water on dry sand.
    His smell calms me like of a newly opened novel.
    And I still don't know if these comparisons can draw him justice.

    The thrill in feeling his love makes me explore the best words and lyrics from the whole world,
    To adorn him in a beautiful love song.
    Discovering and visiting all the beautiful places,
    To embroid an adventure with him along.

    My crayons will paint him in the most beautiful portrait one day,
    Appealing a steady gaze of him, of what he looks like if he sees himself through my eyes and heart.
    For me, every beautiful thing in this world is a part of this art.
    Art of purity,
    Art in him.

    Starts would still have a count,
    But the sonnets and love lullabies won't stop its count even after all the dead bodies collides.

    On the day when world will be on the edge of destruction,
    All the sonnets and love songs will not be the part of that apocalypse,
    Not letting the lovers of the beautiful world die.
    Likewise, you'll live in my words forever.
    And that's how, we'll never have to say goodbye.

    Because of him,
    I felt, i could write,
    What was "love".

    Being with him, had started to make me feel things.
    With him every end was a new beginning.
    I never had guts to tell him what he was to me,
    All i can tell is,

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    He's an art.

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