• niharika555 6w

    Let me fly...!! 

    I said to my people..
    I love lillies
    I love roses too...
    Last night you liked lillies..
    And today morning roses..
    Why are you being double minded!!

    Hey here is my new sketch..? 
    It's a average sketch, I will give 6/10.
    Hey neither good nor bad .. it's a sketch..
    Oh them you were rating the new movie..
    See movie are meant for entertainment..
    Not my sketches 
    Oh common, you change your mind simply..
    You are double minded..

    I explained my bestie.. 
    That she is ignoring people on depressed time...
    You can correct others but you are ready to be corrected by above scenarios...

    See I am not wrong in above scenarios
    Changing my choices 
    Doesn't make me double minded..
    While I was kid I love playing with toys..
    But now , I don't.. 

    And movies and my sketches are not comparable..

    Oh really let me explain..
    No, I am not interested in your so called explaination..!!

    Why ..! Are you scared..
    Scared ..? For what..?

    Can't you face the truth..
    Can't listen to your mistakes..

    The nights were harder and days were painful..
    Why only me..? 
    I wanted to scream.. 
    And cry harder.. 
    I wanna share with people.. 
    But.. I was grown-up .. !! 
    I was learn to be pissed off..
    I was learn to be judged...
    At the end of the day.. I am not happy..
    Hey world .. let me fly..!! As myself