• fashakin24 6w


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    I fall so deep in my own alternate world
    A vision of pure beauty, my heart beholds
    Much like the only one towered on earth's surface
    Or maybe so far and beyond
    The little deep abnormality that complements the smile, as the freckles on the cheek lights up the soul
    An angel sent to tell my unconscious self it's alright
    To feel again, to care.
    My observations around me and a definition
    Of every personality i am interested in
    I falter in endless situations
    To realise the long lost crush is nothing but the time turned backwards.
    This might be for different people but the selfish heart personalise it.
    Love, the feeling you stumble on at an unplanned period just to shatter you at a planned venue
    You weep internally just to get past the month
    To turn off the pain, to be able to keep the head high again and get on with your day
    I_am_the_devil's advocate.