• mikejay3 5w

    God’s Blueprint

    I love God.
    I dislike lust.
    Lust doesn’t do any good.
    I’m officially not thinking in flesh.
    I was taught that our flesh,
    gets us in trouble.
    Yes it definitely can get us killed.
    When I am finish
    I hope you memorize it
    As if you were studying a spiel.
    Just like what Jesus did.
    Being crucified on a cross.
    Dying for us.
    We are free
    God gave us a choice of freedom,
    here on earth.
    Between Heaven or Hell.
    While we’re here on earth
    we have to make sure we choose
    very wisely.
    Before our time is up
    we will all be judged.
    Exactly why it’s so important
    that we obey God’s order.
    Its too many of us already dying
    in a premature death.
    Which I’ve learned in bible study
    Explaining how premature deaths are
    considered as traps.
    We should be donating,
    blessing others.
    To plant our seeds for fruits.
    For God to notice sight seeing
    knowing that he will reward us
    in the end.