• tony_stallion 10w


    Like the flowers love the sun
    Reaching, craving and blooming
    I'm in love with you
    Like the smell of lilies dancing in the forest
    Brushing against my cheek in the mossy air
    I'm in love with u
    like the moonlight and bright stars
    the big dipper could never contain
    I'm in love with u like the drew drops in the morning gentle breeze and wipes of joy
    But you know this
    All of this
    with so much more
    Yet you used me like stripping flower of its petals
    Bare and ugly
    You use me crashing through the woods
    Twigs snapping under your careless feet
    You used me bottling me up, saving me for later
    For when you need sweetness again
    And i let it happen again and again
    Cuz I loved you like the flowers love the sun