• ensoleillement 6w

    I cried Throughout the summer when we parted our ways
    I waited in winter for you to return
    but it didn't happen even when spring passed away
    It rained all night I lied awoke in hope you'll call but my phone never rang
    Those seasons passed
    but I was stuck with your thoughts
    I wish i knew a way to pull away from all this
    Pain that makes it way to my heart
    The pain will go way with time was what you said
    Forgetting to mention the time that it will take
    Seasons and seasons have passed
    But your return is a answer I don't have
    Slowly I feel your memories fade
    as I get myself immersed in work
    I don't remember how you sound and
    I wonder sometimes now how you look like
    There are memories of those sceneries when you were by my side
    But now I feel half of it was a lie having a notion my mind created them just in wake when i missed you
    You caused a turmoil within me
    You pulled triggers straight to my heart
    Yet all I did was let myself bleed
    Ohh you knew this from start
    That my heart would be ashes at end
    May be that's the reason you said stay away from flames
    Its summer again
    And I miss how I felt when you were my side
    Like a moth ready to die just to see the flame glow bright