• manoj_mkp 6w

    To the one who couldn't be mine,
    Who loved me for a brief moment of life,
    Who stopped by for a short time..
    The one who was moon to me,the one I called my sunshine,
    The one who redefined magic of my nights..
    One who couldn't understand,One who became these lines,
    One who gave meaning to this..
    To the one who couldn't be mine,
    I wish you all the blessings,
    All the prayers, are for you to shine..
    For the moment I had stopped by
    Thanks for letting me in,thanks for allowing me to embrace you
    For that brief moment of time..
    In my book of life,
    You will always belong to the chapter
    Where I might not have survived
    But I move ahead as a better soul,leaving what's not mine..
    You will always be the angel
    Which I couldn't keep
    But loved for a brief moment of life....