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    Chapter 3 “The Sun set Is Amazing”

    “Let's go somewhere” Natsuki told Axel “hey Axel, Kazuma is taking me to lunch you to want to come with us” “we are thinking more along the lines of dinner” said Natsuki holding Axel’s arm “Axel is like 1pm where are u going to dinner?” “I don’t know,Natsuki?” “umm let’s cruise and just find something.” “sure i guess that works for me, so we’re gonna cruise and see what we find sis. Next time kazuma take care of my sister ok!” said Axel “Yeah next time my ataru and djem so will match your shein and juyo brother” “practice makes perfect sister” as Namine and Kazuma walk to his car Axel walks inside with Natsuki “more like Namine Take care of kazuman.” Namine whispered to herself “what was that Namine?” kazuma said as he had heard what his love had said “nothing let’s go.” Axel taks Natsuki upstairs to his room so he can get into some better fit clothes then his training clothes so he and his love can ride on his motorcycle as natsuki is getting dressed in a room next to axel’s “ok Natsuki ready?” “almost” Natsuki walks into Axel’s room “how do you like me now?” she is wearing a outstanding dress with a leather jacket while she holds a helmet in her left hand “wow you look like stunning Natsuki” “don’t to bad yourself” Axel wearing a long black pants and a leather jacket the same one as natsuki has with sunglasses on and his helmet on his bed ready to go. They put their helmets on and they head off on Axel’s motorcycle.
    4pm mother is out, the training room is empty father’s study empty but closed by a spell casted by Axel’s Magic “so they fought? Wonder who won well doesn't matter now not my concern. Oh now what is this?” a book opened to a chapter “juyo?” and a different form of it. It reads “Juyo the most aggressive form of sword form combat can lead to rage and anger control issues and one can lose themselves to anger, hate , rafe and DARKNESS” the book read. “Oh my so this is something that can combat fairly with Axel’s soresu and shien, but zionite blades will not do. Namine has her enchanted blades of manyullyn and Axel’s New Blood filled ionite will break not only my form but my swords and armor. But a mix of cobalt and maybe some refined steel will do but i steel with have to be enchanted or heavily refined in a forge wich we don't have access to. Master Vexen can help me get metal and Master terra will be able to help mecast the blade and possibly Master Xion will help me craft the sword but who or where can i make armor? That's what i need defence more than offensive. “Xemnas! Xemnas jinnoch!” a voice came to his head “hello?” he heard himself in his head “Come outside we're gonna make you some armor.” with gratitude and happiness he walks out with a small knife concealed in his hand once outside he finds Master Ventus. “Master Ven?” “come on i told your family already i’m taking you out to make your armor and much other much needed essentials” “yeah ok” they start to run at speeds beyond human but not matching the speed of namine and Axel. Ventus being one of the seven masters of sword combat he is a close friends with the jinnouchi clan and helps when he can or when he’s needed “So how did u know i needed some armor? Ventus” “your 15 at your age and this time you need to be ready for war at all times so i thought you should get better gear than what you have. Then I’ll see if i can show you to craft yourself a sword.” as they ran to ventus forge Axel takes natsuki home “that was a great time….Thank you” Natsuki said while looking at the floor slightly blushing “yeah anytime Natsuki...I had tons of fun as well maybe we can practice your sword form next time?” Natsuki kisses Axel on the cheek “yeah next time. Get home and don’t die please” “yeah...yeah i’m get going bye Natsuki” “don't DIE!” “no promises” as he runs off to his bike he makes a circular motion with his hands and a portal opens his motorcycle is now in his garage and he jumps through but not before he gets one last glance of Natsuki and the portal closes as axel is now transported to his garage in a flash. “That was an awesome night” “what was my boy?” “ANSEM!?” “so you do know my name after so long?” “what are u doing here..The jinnouch has and doesn’t want problems with the sakuma clan and i would hate bloodshed between us right now” “war? No no what i come here for was i felt raw, untamed darkness, and great power and Xehanort and I want to either 1 take the power for ourselves and dispose of the user lateror we can tame and train the Raw dark power to do our bidding and it seems i have found it. You have been book worming into blood magic and the sealed dark spell chapters haven't you?” at this point Axels edge had worn off he was back to looking like he should “I don’t know what you speak of Xemnas and Namine haven't watched those!” “BUT YOU HAVE! AXEL! Come helps us take over the 17 realms of magic what do you say?” “if i say no?” “the world that shouldn’t exist has a place for everyone in a endless void of sorrow and hate and nothing else for you but that” said Ansem with blood red eyes and his long silver hair “well make your mind up and tell me OK you know where to find me if not just summon me if you still remember.”