• bloodandraiin 5w

    I made you laugh,
    I made you cry;
    Sorry babe,
    I'm so sorry;
    I'm feeling apologetic
    And I don't know why.

    You feel I'm done,
    But I'm still not;
    I often wake at midnight,
    And realise I wasn't slept at all;
    You believe there are moments I forgot,
    But you, my absolute, is what I still write.

    Your eyes, charmer than the stars,
    Nobody's love, stronger than ours;
    There's nothing to be sad for,
    Yet tears roll down, for my soul of scars;
    Mine, you'll always be,
    But sadly yours, I couldn't,
    Maybe because your wings
    don't belong behind any bars.

    Maybe you will,
    Or Maybe you'll never;
    But I still wish,
    And maybe for ever;
    We'll go out once again,
    And For the first time, all over.