• anthropophobiast 6w


    The brown girl sitting at the corner complained , why the heck god did'nt paint me white? " Listening to the murmurings her mother exclaimed , one day you are gonna bring up your own light." The raw boned guy got all screwed up when all his protein-shakes and gym diets went in vain.How he's gonna tell the society that he is stuck between in this very pain. " Stalking through the very hourglass and immaculate figure the blubbery girl of the family sobbed, how I'm gonna find the perfect match? all the night she bobbed." Somewhere in this world we are raised with insecurities. Somewhere in between we are dealing with this complex inferiority. "What if you are not so white ? Maybe you are a brown girl of delight." " Yeah you are'nt one of those muscular guys . For how long will you confront yourself lies ." Its very true you are not that perfect corset fit. But your awestruck curves are such a lit. " Step up amidst all your vulnerabilities , everyone has their insecurities".