• semanfatimawani 5w

    Caged Bird

    I am a caged Bird
    Living in four walls
    They open my cage to make me eat
    To play with me at times
    It reminds me of those care free days
    Where the sun sparkled on my face
    And the earth made me spread my wings
    The time has gone
    I subconsciously hold my breath
    The fear of being alone
    Has occupied my mind and my soul
    I head in a direction to find happiness
    But all I get is disappointment
    And I return back
    They say to fall for temporary happiness
    Is a foolish act
    But for me sometimes it is a bliss
    I can't combat my fear of being alone
    Neither can I go back to those cunning clutches
    So here I am wearing the cloak of death
    Without any fear
    Laughing at its face
    And holding it tight till eternity