• sid_payn 9w

    My Sand Castle

    Living in my sand castle,
    with narrow doors and broad windows,
    short passages and empty broadways .
    Night sky with empty lights,
    Moonshine with hollow sighs.
    Stuck in this stigma of stepping forward,
    living in this chaos of seeping into the sand.
    For now I am afraid to breath,
    for now I feel my castle is drifting on wet land.

    The castle I built seems too small and vile,
    to accommodate my expanding life.
    I hear the calls from the sea winds,
    the wave nearing this shoreline of thoughts in me.
    I can smell the fear of shattering today,
    wanting to ignore these voices arrayed.
    I can look far enough
    from these windows of my castle,
    But I can't reach them through my narrow doorways.
    Would my realities reinforce these sand walls,
    when I try to force myself out of this cage of thoughts.