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    I'm lost in myself
    Falling down into this dark void,
    It's like there's this burden on me pulling me into this dark place where my feet have never reached and however hard I try,
    I can't bring myself out.
    And all I seem to see is darkness and grey,
    Living has become a constant nightmare.

    Depression is a disease that affects every aspect of my life.
    So I carry to live on these two lives...
    One for the society,
    And one just for me late at night.

    No one can understand the weight, the burden, the constant threat of the flames, or the water engulfing you.
    Depression is like an "Anger Without Enthusiasm".
    It feeds on all of the negative thoughts, feelings and such events in my life.

    The stigma is real people,
    It's a hidden disease that's affecting so many lives wake up and listen to the silent cries.
    Depression is the hell inside of me,
    And it eats me up "every night".



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    I'm lost in myself
    Falling down into this dark void...
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