• misty_2004 5w


    No contradictions to my sign of bull,
    My traits fall in order to my characteristic hues!
    A woman determined is a blessed taurus girl,
    A woman of substance she is,in the choices she falls for!
    Loyalty at its zenith,she chooses to be true,
    A search for loyal and truthful has always been her clue!
    A balancer between work and pleasure,
    A taurus woman is a lover of nature !
    Give her woods or give her leaves,
    She will be adorned and well pleased!
    A decisive and strong opponent she is,
    A taurus woman is a formidable rival for her enemies !
    She is a woman with sensualism at high!
    Loving for love sake is her priority for life!
    A rare genome to fall for love
    But when fallen ,she puts out her heart !
    A fighter and a determined lady,
    Taurus is a good cook and a smiling mum!
    A speaker of truth and thundering anger
    A taurus woman is a girl of wonders !
    If taken for love, she is ready to dedicate,
    If taken for dispersion,she will have you eradicated!
    A girl in kind and a easy going, optimistic smile!
    Donot hurt a taurus girl,you won't be able to face her horns and your Plights!!

    Thanks to @mirakee for this challenge #zodiacsigns
    Data source: www.astrology.com


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    Yes! Am a taurus ♉woman!