• helencharles 30w

    Mother's day

    In constant search for love, I failed to recognise the love of my life near me always.

    God cannot be everywhere, is that why he created you?
    Oh yeah EVERYTHING is the only word that can replace you.
    Limitless contribution you gave me for my growth and you were my instinctive philosopher whom I failed to love always.

    When everyone failed to care, you told me I've got your back, I'm there. Heck a lot of pain you bear, that last piece of Apple that you share, so gentle yet so strong, I bet heaven is where you belong.

    Love, joy and health all together I bind, for you are the rarest to find.

    I know 2 things that work 24/7- a clock and you.
    A bond we created? It began from your womb.