• imre111122 25w

    I know that you exist

    I know that you exist
    If my words are not as pearls from the depth of your yearning then these words are not intended for you

    But if it be so true
    that this becomes you
    then you have found
    your love reflected
    I am ageless
    reincarnated over and over
    this is my final round
    I am awakened

    My love

    any hesitation is to be fooling yourself
    you will know in a instant
    if I am the one
    you have been looking for

    flow back to the oceans of timelessness with me
    I will take you there
    To adore you
    Just because it is in me to do so
    as it is in you to reciprocate
    I am waiting
    for you
    to appear
    or not
    for nothing has becomed
    to open the door for your entry