• aphrodite08 3w

    Is It Real?

    Sometimes my brain just takes over, and it turns on wheels constantly at a never-ending pace. It's so hard to see anything clearly most of the time, and it's such a burden to bear when you know it has tendencies to hurt the ones around you, so you act different and try more then ever to change the scatter to a thin line to follow, but it's to no avail because you efforts you thought were most prominent, were just in your head like most of the other thoughts you have moving frantically around. It made you look and feel like a fool because even though you don't know the struggle I battle, you see the pain and the evident lack of laughter, it causes striding ripples that we usually overcome, that you usually help me find a way past, I get through them, but for how long and was it even real, did I actually climb that mountain, well if I did, I guess I fell down the other side, I shouldn't have ran so fast at it expecting to get there and it be different, even though for a brief time it was, now I tumble back to the bottom bruised and beaten, but I will never give up, untill it kills me, I will beat this never-ending flow of misfortunate events, I will make it and I will quiet them all!!! Soon it will all be mine and then we will finally be free and we will live ever so happily!!