• midnightpoet 9w

    Letting Go

    How do I let go of something that was never mine to begin with?
    Will I ever let go?
    How do I let go if my heart clenches to whatever it is that you feed it?
    It's like every time I begin to forget about you, I need more of you...
    I just need more...
    More disappointment?
    More of feeling unloved?
    More heartbreak?
    What is it that I want from you?
    That's all I ask myself when the feeling of needing more of you pops up.
    Is it more of your soft chuckles, that melts away all of my doubt?
    Is it more of your one liners, that breaks down my insecurities?
    Or maybe it's the softness you tend to hide from the world...
    Well I guess I'll never know.
    I'll just have to come to terms that we'll never be more then whatever it is that we are...
    I think I'm okay with letting myself go so I can have more of you.
    More of you is all I want no matter what the cost...