• perplexed_perceptions 10w

    Love is love

    Let us live in a society
    where you are you
    and I am me
    a simple place
    and not a prejudiced mein.

    Why are they a community?
    Why are straight people not in the community?
    Why is HOMO different,
    when it's HETRO that means different.
    Let's make a pact, you and I
    unified with pride.
    Black, brown, white
    Gay, straight, Bi
    We are all, protectors
    of the same gene pool we live by.
    where sexual Orientation and gender identity
    are celebrated, DIFFERENTLY.

    Dear people of tommorow,
    let's make a better world
    for younger kins,
    to breathe and smile
    and laugh and weep
    as free as a sea
    let love flow,
    let the heart find it's beau.

    So, my dear Society,
    be brave to embrace
    be not so disgraced.
    For love is love
    and not a blemish, that can be erased by a stroke.