• a_kashmiri_writes_ 6w

    I'm nothing but dust
    In the gang of this world
    When everything has to go from here
    So where you have to go with this pride?

    People don't care about you
    Or die for your knockout
    I don't know how many beateous people
    Lost their charm and died

    You came from dust
    You have to become dust
    If you didn't master your youth
    Then what's point of regretting in old age?

    If you are rich, people are yours
    If you are poor , people look down on you
    This is the scenario of the world
    Where Souls live inside live corpses

    If you lie , it seems to be truth
    If you tell the truth, it seems bitter
    We are living in a world
    Where living has become a trouble

    This life is few days young
    No one comes back after death
    Live life like that
    Dead seems alive