• devegiliandressa 23w

    Anxiety, art

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    Death of A Star

    My mind is a dangerous place.
    It's a very terrifying path to walk through.
    It's a pitch dark room where you cannot find the door.
    It's a labyrinth with no exit at all.
    At times, it's full and messy, my thoughts tangle. The knots are impossible to be undone. My ideas get mixed up together and I don't know how to escape.
    But sometimes, just maybe, it will be a good thing. For the few minutes of effort, I can make my mess become art. I can turn it into somethig useful. Something pretty.
    I can make my mess look good.
    This confusion will make me feel good for once.
    Just like a star that explodes, dies and will shine a pretty little light into this massive sky above our heads.
    And for that I'm grateful.
    Thank you, mess. Thank you for taking home the atoms of stars that were once a part of who I am.