• sneha222 24w

    My feelings for Michael Jackson

    Michael when I frist heard about your death news on the TV for the first time I was totally shocked, heartbroken and suddenly tears started to fall off from my eyes because I can't believe that you left the world without saying goodbye to the moonwalkers,fans family and to the children's of the whole world whom you cherished the most. Michael you are not only a good human but you are also a messenger of love to every person of the world . Michael from you I have learned the most important and precious thing in the world is how to love everyone ❤️ from the bottom of my heart. You always tells your fan's and family that when we will call your name you will be waiting for us. Michael when I look into the sky I always try to find you in the vast sky . I always think that from somewhere you are always watching us and standing by our side in the times of our happiness, joy and sadness. Michael I always wanted to heal the world for you so that we can make it a better place for living for u and me ❤️. Michael I hope you can read this all feelings of mine from the heaven then I will be the most happiest girl in this whole world because michael I love you the most in this whole world and I miss you so much that's sometime I started to cry a lot. Michael please I wish that i could met you in heaven when my heart stops and you will be waiting for all the moonwalkers at the heavens gate❤️❤️. Until that day I will never stop loving you and I will love you forever and my love for you is true and pure because you are my frist love ❤️❤️. Michael I am not alone you are always with me and staying by my side forever because you love me and I love you and you are in my heart forever and ever.