• justacrazyteengirl 31w

    All is not fair in love and war.

    Have you ever heard the saying all is fair in love and war? I ask you what is fair about war? What is fair about people losing their life in the name of war? What is fair about a mother or father mourning over their sons grave? What is fair about men leaving their wives and children widowed and fatherless? What is fair about soldiers taking their own lives because they can't deal with the pain? What is fair about young people coming home with missing limbs or with PTSD afraid of simple sounds? How is it fair that young children, babies and innocent people lose their lives for a war they didn't ask to be involved in? Why can't the leaders of our world sit-down and find a way to peace that's doesn't result in the loss of life? Instead they send millions to their death without a thought of who it affects. They say we will have peace even if we have to fight for it. Where is the peace for those tortured by the enemy? Where is the peace for the families who lost loved ones? Where is the peace for those innocent people forced to flee for their lives leaving all they know behind? Where is the peace for those who will never know what occurred to their loved ones because they are "missing in action"? Where is the peace for all the casualties of war? Why are the casualties of war considered fair? When did killing people become so easy that it seems noone cares anymore? How is any of this fair? The answer is it's not. War is alot of things cruel, heartless, hell but war is in no way fair.