• love_you_poetry 23w


    I am a mistake, there is no other way to put it. I wasn't meant to be born, I wasn't wanted to be born. I am a mistake, people tell me your here for a reason and don't worry they still love you, but when you've grown up your whole life knowing your a mistake it starts to wear you out. I am here for no reason, people would be better off if a mistake like me was born. My family would be fine if I wasn't born. My friends wouldn't have been hurt and I wouldn't have either. So why am I here? Maybe a mistake like me doesn't have a reason. My friends tell me that I'm not a mistake that you'll always be loved that your ment to be here for some reason but, some people just die and that's it maybe I'm one of those people. I won't effect the world in any way. I can't do anything right, gosh I can't even write poetry right I just rant. Maybe I shouldn't have been born. Maybe I am now and will forever be a mistake.