• heart_wrenching_stories 35w

    Our bodies are not open closet.....

    This is so sad on one side we see how girls are maimed ruthlessly like they are piece of trash and on the other side they are treated as goddesses. Now in this era eve teasing, rapes and more heinous crimes are becoming so common that it is threatening the very core of humanity. As a girl I know this feeling very well. I know how it feels to be stared at like I am piece of meat not a human with emotions. Who knows I can be the next victim because some people can't fucking control their so called sexual desires. Is it a rocket science that our bodies are not an open closet then why some people fail to understand it. What happened with Asifa, Nirbhaya, Zainab and so many girls is soul chilling. I don't even have words to express that. What was her fault? that she believed humanity is still alive or thought she is safe in temple. Instead of bidding a fake tearful adieu and simulated promises our government should make some strict laws to ensure that this will not happen again. Because not only it will wreck our social and spiritual structures but we will be shameful that we are part of this planet