• victoriastokoe 5w

    2 weeks notice

    For this is
    the absence of
    my soul.
    For this is..

    That reaches
    behind my back,
    flanked, rank beings
    crass with hate.
    Try to shape me
    to their mould.

    Eternal isn't this,
    where light flickers
    one dot of sanctity,
    reasons in a dart.
    A piercing spark.

    I'm awake with a
    stark headspace,
    anxious to
    vastness on a
    blank page.
    A random pinpoint
    to a start.

    Ageless in thoughts
    I withered to oldness
    here, beats lessen
    in headlights
    to fresh beginnings.
    It took my heart I fear.

    I'm frozen on a map,
    grid reference only here.
    What I've become in
    negativity is not me,
    ironic a pandemic
    brought me back
    from asystole and
    feeling numb.

    Shock truths that
    loyalty isn't the
    golden timepiece,
    the badge of honour,
    we all succumb..

    A deep down feeling,
    when your soul is
    almost bared,
    keep it secret, as
    no one really cares.