• rubester 6w


    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….

    A scoundrel and companion 
    Searching for adventure 
    Join a pilot and a jedi
    In hopes of a great fortune

    Darkness falls upon them
    As they fly among the station
    Feelings of uncertainty 
    They begin to plan ahead

    Aboard the star, among unknown, they find a princess in despair 
    Who has buns of steel and kicks ass, she accompanies the quest

    Little did they know their jedi was in trouble
    Sacrifice was made though is not the end
    They departed in much hurry
    And went to rebel base

    Plans for mass destruction were going to be put in play
    The scoundrel and the pilot went about their ways
    While a princess stayed behind and commanded far away

    The pilot faced head on the target coming up
    A scoundrel and companion covered for his ship
    It took much force and one last blast for the station to be destroyed

    They saved the day, restored the galaxy 
    Completed the quest they did
    The princess rewarded them for their heroic deeds
    For those who were lost they thanked the heroes 
    For bringing hope back into the galaxy