• hewriteswhenhecries 22w

    I hate drinking and smoking she told me,
    And today she's drunk.
    She is intoxicated.
    Thinking everything she shouldn't
    I hope she's gonna pour out
    All the truths and secrets she hide inside
    And the moment she started talking
    My eyes got all tearry
    My heart started aching
    She's saying all the things she refused
    She's all alone and in her own little world
    She talked of betrayals and friendships
    But I'm afraid now
    To listen my truth, to know how she feels about me
    She said she doesn't like me
    Not even a little bit
    She gets all irritated and frustrated
    When it comes to me.
    She confessed that she had to be all nice and good
    Cuz after all I took her out of the darkness she was in
    She admitted I don't need you here
    Cuz all I want to think is about him.
    His name was on her lips when she passed out.
    Even though she didnt remember anything about last night,
    She apologized the next morning looking to the ground.
    But somewhere deep down I was thinking
    "Apology doesn't mean anything if you're not looking the person in the eye"
    I behaved as nice as I am to her
    I said it's okay to get drunk sometimes
    And you were all funny and nice last night.
    She smiled and walked away.
    But my heart couldn't stop aching
    And it could fall in pieces any moment.

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    And Today She's Drunk

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    -Puneet Anand