• mr_misfit_206 5w

    I listen close to how all the stories go
    The little chances and possibilities
    How they work together
    And how with fate we're brought into this world

    I listened to my mom narrate
    About a time when she almost left the town
    To look for a job and settle in a distant city
    But some missing documents made her to postpone her plans
    She stayed back and later met my dad and never left

    These trivial thoughts often occupies my head
    If I could have had any different life
    Had my mom actually left for the city that time?
    Would I have been here? Would I end up in a different place with maybe different siblings and family?

    It's exciting as well as scary to think about it
    How our small delays or an unimportant visit to some places at present
    Might actually design a new life ahead of us ; good or bad.
    All these little things that work together
    That could change the whole picture of our life later.


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