• nishi99 23w


    Why, you don't talk to me
    Why are you upset with me
    How do I console you

    The nights won't pass by without you
    I feel restless without you
    How do I live without you

    Why'd you promise me
    To come to the door of my eyes
    To wipe off the tears

    I hear your footsteps on the door of my heart
    Your memories on the shelves
    Of the heart

    It placates you even without you
    It cajoles you
    My heart cheats on me
    Without you

    The strings of breath are very weak
    They will break
    If you get angry!

    I manipulated my heart in many ways
    Still it searches for you footsteps

    Without you
    I reach for you
    Without you
    I find your arms
    My heart is still in you
    Even if you're not around