• nayan_ramesh 5w


    The days when I wish,
    I am at my native,
    Where everything
    Goes traditional in every way,
    To celebrate the auspicious day.
    Happiness spreading all around,
    With a feeling of togetherness to surround
    Kids rushing in early morning,
    To collect every flower blooming.
    Decorating the floors with flowers
    Has always been a beauty.
    Women dancing to the traditional songs 
    In the traditional attire, 
    Has always been a pleasure to watch.
    Men and Women prepares the mouthwatering dishes,
    The aroma of which spreads all over.
    As the preparation goes steady,
    People  eagerly get ready.
    Following the myth, to greet and welcome
    The arrival of the king.
    As by noon, its time for food.
    The large leafs placed before one,
    Similar to the food served in a plate.
    Every dish has its space,
    The natives know to serve in it's place.
    After the lunch,
    Sweet dishes to follow.
    Where age's never a bar,
    As it's favourite for all.
    The celebration goes on
    As it Spreads happiness all along.

    Its the way I imagine it is.
    The celebration of onam!
    The days when I wish
    I am at my native. 
    Happy onam