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  • praga_kv 11w


    You pretend to be like your are Okie! But it's not you! Really you are faking and losing yourself everyday!!

  • praga_kv 14w


    Whenever I feel low, you are the only one who made my dark days into light! At the showed that light to a path which is too dark and no one could able to find me!

  • praga_kv 14w


    Why the fuck did they planned for 4 days full shutdown?

    Now CMBT is a Hub like Delhi Meeting!

    The count spike will be huge today!

  • praga_kv 14w

    By unknown writer

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    Roshini My Dear!!

    She refused me for my possessiveness! But it's all started, when she angrily asked me "Why you saved my Number as Roshini Rec.? " So I changed it as Roshini My Dear❤️

  • praga_kv 14w


    Even you are Okie with Broken things, The Scars will not make you to heal.. It's the nail hammered on you!