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  • pragya15 14s

    I will remember you always
    More than what they say
    What they feel about you
    Above all I will
    always remember
    How beautifully you
    Loved me in short
    Span of time
    I will remember you
    I wish you can stay
    With me a bit more
    A bit less just
    A little more than
    You stayed that would be
    Enough however in a
    Moment you
    just fade away
    In a moment
    And now I am grateful
    Just for your
    Love nothing else.

  • pragya15 21h

    तुम भी ख्वाबों के
    जैसे हो कुछ अधूरे
    से‌ कुछ पूरे से।

  • pragya15 1d

    क्या तुम्हें भी हमारी याद
    आती है या ये
    खामोशियां यूं ही
    डराती हैं
    क्या तुमने भी
    ख्वाबों में हमें
    छुपा रखा है
    या यूं ही यादों
    को बोझ बना
    रखा है
    क्या अब भी
    बरसात खूबसूरत
    लगती है
    या बिते हुए
    वक्त सी उदास
    लगती है
    क्या अब
    साथ चलना
    सिख ग‌ए हो
    या अब भी
    डर लगता है
    हाथ थामने में
    क्या बहुत बदल ग‌‍‌ए
    हो या कुछ झलकियां
    रखी है अपने बिखरे
    हुए पन्नौ की
    क्या सब कुछ बदल
    गया है
    या कुछ झलकियां
    बचा रखीं हैं
    हमारे किरदारों की।

  • pragya15 2d

    Soul strings attached with
    The voidness of your eyes
    Don't know what you are
    Holding but there is
    Something deeply horror
    Story stuck with you
    You never let it out
    Neither you moved on
    Sometime I feel like you
    Just lost yourself
    In that moment
    Something changes within
    You and you
    Never return
    To this world
    You just stayed there
    To find
    What you never
    Going to find again.

  • pragya15 3d

    For that love you
    Want me to give you
    One more chance
    And irony is you don't
    Even consider it
    love in the first place.

  • pragya15 4d

    Its me falling
    Standing and again
    Slipping in that
    Zone where I know
    I am going to
    Fall down harder
    Than before
    And never been able
    To come out
    However, I still
    choose to
    Follow the path
    Where all I wanted
    To be in a bog
    Deeper than any
    Empty feelings
    Of human I choose
    Myself to suffer

  • pragya15 4d

    I don't want to choose
    Ever what hurts
    The most your
    Unhealthy love
    Or the way you

  • pragya15 1w

    We ourselves
    Burning like hell
    In our own heaven.

  • pragya15 1w

    On some days
    It's stop even
    Hurting like
    It never

  • pragya15 1w

    There are these stories
    Whose.mention is enogh
    To flow a chill down
    Through your whole
    body it hurt
    like it's
    All gone but it's
    Stuck to you
    Like your existence
    Is nothing
    Without these