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  • prajkr 63w

    The ocean

    If the god ever wished to turn me into the ocean,
    Then he'd be surprised to see that you my love would be the salt in me.

  • prajkr 69w

    The wars in my head

    Reasons conquer the battlegrounds of my mind
    There are wars among my unsettling emotions
    Drive the swords and Spears recklessly
    The sounds of my inner voices in madness conflict
    The smell of wounds and blood distort the aura
    Where could I run
    To remain unsalyed
    When your mind is the weapon beheading you
    And after the war
    My emotions would never really heal
    They would sit waiting with new armour on
    And their swords sharpened
    Waiting for the next war cry
    Like the Hawks in the sky
    Waiting for someone to die
    How could you stop a war
    When you were built to be a field for war

  • prajkr 69w

    Unopen heart

    Why is your heart so unopen
    For the stories that you hold within
    I would need clues to get in
    For the planet that hides in you
    To take a sneak peak
    Which orbit should I travel on
    For the pages you write on
    Which Library shall I raid
    How do I win your game
    Could you lend me some cheat codes
    For the fire inside you
    And the gardens you store
    Is there a secret gate I have to cross
    For the locks you put on yourself
    So great
    A master thief like me could not pick
    Tell me where do you hide the keys
    Is it burried under the sea
    So let it be
    I shall swallow the sea
    And burn the sea floor
    To find your keys
    And open the locks of your soul
    So you could be mine
    Lock you again in my castle of love

  • prajkr 69w

    Glass boxes and love

    The most joyful part of love is
    The million memories you have
    When you miss them
    And million memories you make
    When you are with them
    Each memory is a colored glass box
    Crafted with precision
    By the accurate hands of love
    Created to sit between the expanses
    Of the heart and mind
    Don’t ever shatter them
    Let the glass shine your glimmer
    And reflect your soul
    Give love
    Take love
    And live love

  • prajkr 70w

    What is love

    To love her is to
    Run through all the shades of her life
    Color her low and empty
    Absorb her dark and grey
    And still say I love you
    In ways that move her

  • prajkr 70w

    The sea and the snow

    I was the sea
    And you were snow
    How could we possibly be together
    I wondered every night
    Cried and salty
    And then you melted
    Into a river
    And so you flowed
    Down the mountains
    Against the jungles
    Over the cursed cities
    Flowed right into me

  • prajkr 71w

    Be like the clouds

    Sometimes in life
    Choose to be like the clouds
    Pour your rain
    Only on the flowers who deserve to bloom

  • prajkr 71w

    A letter to the soul from my heart

    Dear soul,
    Remember the days you were shackless and unbound
    And I was at liberty to beat free
    It wasn't too long ago
    Until you accuired feelings and collected emotions
    Over a girl you claim to have seen all seasons in
    Wasn't her Summer that set your eyes ablaze
    And her spring bloom petals of misery
    Have you forgotten how her winter is keeping you frozen
    Chained in this ice and cold
    How could I ever beat to the rhythm of life
    You sold your mind too her
    And then sold me too
    But was it honorable trade
    You cashed in pain and sorrow
    Rains and hurricanes of selfish play
    What more could you possibly sell
    Are you done with her
    Pray you are
    I want you to break free
    I want to beat free
    Can we move on
    From the blizzard she sent
    Can we leave this unsettling season
    So we could shine in the summers of our own
    And swim in the springs of self love
    Heal and cure in rains of purity
    Beat to the rhythm of life

    The heart that beats a little.

  • prajkr 71w

    Love you unconditionally

    The knots of love I tie to you
    Sparkle unconditionally
    But the poetry I decorate on you
    Hold ribbons of love conditionally
    I'm sorry
    I could never love you like the sun
    We love the sun only till it sets
    I could never love you like the flowers
    We love the flowers only till they
    Fade and drop from their stock
    I could never love you like the moon
    As we love only it's shine
    I could never love you like the sea
    As we love it only till it's dry
    I could never love you like the seasons
    As they come and go
    Never can I love you like gold
    As we love only gold only for value
    I could never love you like the birds
    As they fly away
    I could never love you like the trees
    As they age and die
    I could never love you like the wind
    As we only remember it as we feel it
    I could never love you like the light
    As the light never stays in the day
    I never will love you like the sky
    As the sky changes color
    But I must say
    I love you like my heart beat
    For it's what makes me
    And magically loves you

  • prajkr 72w

    Today I Kissed you

    The clouds in my skies disappeared
    Roses in my gardens vanished
    My roses were now new clouds
    And clouds grew on plants
    The butterflies learn to sing
    The birds learn to smile
    The sun would never rise and set
    As it learn to dance and dance
    the moon was never dark and crescent
    As it learn to be full and whole
    Time would never stop and run
    As it learn to rewind back and back
    Life would not disturb us
    For there's a world between our lips
    A castle made of rain untouchable
    A force of love unstoppable
    A monument of pleasure unmovable

    I kiss you
    Now, tomorrow and forever